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The information I am presenting in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and I understand that any false statement, misrepresentation, or omission, shall be sufficient cause for rejection or dismissal in the event I am employed by Company. I understand and agree that, if hired, I will conform to the rules and regulations of the Company. I further agree that my employment is for no definite period of time.The Company, in considering my application for employment, may verify the information set forth on this application and obtain additional information relating to my background. I authorize all persons, schools, companies, corporations, credit bureaus, law enforcement agencies, and previous employers to release any information concerning my background. I understand any offer of employment is additionally contingent upon my successful completion of a drug screen and background check.

Also in consideration of any contracted agreement betweenthis Company and me or of any employment and of commissions, wages, salaries, or other compensation received by me, I agree that: 1) All samples, equipment, papers and apparatus’ relating to the Company's business, including those prepared or made by me, shall be the property of the Company and except as required by my work, I will not reveal them to others nor will I reveal any information concerning the Company's business including its inventions, shop practices, processes and methods of manufacturing. 2) I will promptly disclose to the Company all inventions usable by the Company and all copyrightable material relating to the Company's business which I produce, make or write individually or in collaboration with others. Such disclosure will apply the entire employment period, whether made on Company time or my time and at the expense of the Company. I will assign to the Company all my interest in such inventions or copyrightable material and will assist the company to obtain patents or copyrights on all such material. 3) The above provisions may be transferred by the company to its successors.

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