[cs_heading heading_title=" About Us" heading_style="1" heading_size="50" letter_space="2" line_height="80" heading_align="Center" heading_padding="no" heading_font_style="normal" heading_divider="on" heading_color="#ffffff" ]The top choice for the area’s largest and highest paying employers.[/cs_heading]
[cs_heading heading_title="Browse our list of services." heading_style="fancy" heading_size="20" heading_align="Center" heading_padding="no" heading_font_style="normal" heading_divider="off" ]When an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen[/cs_heading]
[cs_heading heading_title="About us" heading_style="1" heading_align="left" heading_padding="no" heading_font_style="normal" heading_divider="on" ]As business owners, we understand the importance of hiring good people. We also know that finding those people isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve developed a pipeline of skilled workers to make finding the right person quick and hassle-free.

Our data-driven process and experienced recruiters match qualified candidates with top organizations. This flexible approach allows our clients to get the help they need fast to avoid wasting time and money. Whether a short-term project or long-term need, APS allows clients to assess the fit of a candidate before making a permanent commitment.

While some competitors focus on a company’s more immediate needs, Aiken Personnel Services is committed to the long-term success of its clients. We facilitate sustainable business growth and increased profitability through candidate development, which has been shown to lead to better employee retention and increased profitability.

We understand our clients’ needs better than anyone else because we understand our community better than anyone else. We know the crucial economic development trends impacting business in our area and are committed to helping meet the workforce needs of the future.  

[cs_heading heading_title="Why choose us" heading_style="1" heading_align="left" heading_padding="no" heading_font_style="normal" heading_divider="on" ]At Aiken Personnel Services, we improve lives.  We don’t just help you find a job. We help you find a better life. Whether your goal is purchasing a new home or building financial security for your family, we work with you to create a career plan that’s right for you.

We understand that finding the right career can sometimes be a journey. From training and skills development, to long-term career planning and advancement – our team of experienced recruiters will help you each of step of the way. 

[cs_column flex_column_section_title="Our mission" cs_column_margin_left="0" cs_column_margin_right="0" ]Our mission is to provide high quality training and job placement services to the CSRA in the fields of construction, clerical, events, day labor, food & beverage, seasonal, and light industrial.
Utilizing exclusive training systems and vetting processes, we match our clients with most qualified and professional employees possible. [/cs_column]
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