How to make your resume ‘swipe right’ worthy

resume swipe right

Gone are the days of paper job applications. New online applicant tracking systems – software applications used by companies to search through thousands of resumes quickly to determine which ones are the best fit for a position – are the wave of the present. The problem? These bots pull the top candidates based on specific keywords and criteria, and because it’s all automated, your resume may never be seen by a real person.


Luckily, we’ve got tips to help you beat the bot and end up on top. Here’s everything you need to know about optimizing your resume for online job application portals:


1. Be the match

Similar to Tinder, you want to match with an employer. Recruiters enter keywords in the online portal based on the language in the job description. If your resume or application contains those same words, it’s likely that you will match for the position.


Be specific here. Plural words, abbreviations and numbers matter. For example, three years of experience is different from 3 years of experience.


2. Focus on what matters


Soft skills like “self-starter” and “team player” are great to use in an interview, but they won’t buy you much with the computer. Software scanners look for technical skills, job titles and software programs so put your focus there.

3. Keep it simple


Logos, pictures, symbols and shading, and fancy fonts can really throw the computer for a loop. Keep the heading simple and make sure you send your resume as a Word file instead of a PDF to ensure the computer is able to read the text.

4. Ditch it


Some of us may have a career “objective” on our resume, but you won’t need it for this. Remember, focus on what matters and try replacing your objective with a bulleted list of qualifications.

5. Words matter


Just as important as using the right words is making sure you spell them correctly. This is the cardinal send and will land you resume in the rejection pile faster than anything else.


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