What kind of personalities are best to work with?


During our APS Talkback series, Aiken Personnel Services (APS) ran a survey to inquire the best personalities to work with based on our participants’ experiences. We weren’t surprised when the results came in, and our values align with many of the participants.

In our daily jobs, we would rather follow the age-old axiom to “Work Smart, Not Hard.”


The saying isn’t an expression of laziness, but quite the contrary. You know you work hard when you put forth a 100 percent work effort. When you work smart, and not hard, you are working to the best of your abilities. For certain, a person can work hard trying to run a 100-yard dash in quick sand, but at the end of the race, he will be exhausted, and not have gone anywhere fast.public off 1

Working smart is combining both brain and brawn, and working smart often involves pooling your best resources together – teamwork – whether you are working alone, or with a group. Working smart ultimately makes you more productive, which in turn makes your business more productive, and in many cases, working smart + productivity = greater profit, which means in the long run, more income in your pocket.

The following personality groups are all related to the working smart and not hard axiom.

Motivated individuals exude both mental and physical energy, and that energy is contagious within the group. When you see a motivated co-worker, chances are good, you will be motivated too. Camaraderie is important in the workplace. You spend at least a third of your day working, and wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a feeling of belonging and teamwork? Motivation is like a line of dominoes. When one falls, others will surely follow.

There is another saying in life – “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” While that implies not to worry about the little things, at work, if you don’t sweat the small stuff, your work day will be a disaster. Details are the building blocks of success, right along with teamwork and motivation. The goal is efficiency, and when you pay attention to the details, a job done well is often a job done once.

A strong work ethic walks hand in hand with the other positive personality traits listed here. Have you ever heard a co-worker during the middle of a long work week, or suffering a case of the Mondays, declare, I hope they don’t expect me to do any work today?

When you go to work for a company, you agree to a contract. The employer agrees to pay you a certain wage in exchange for a full day’s work involving your best effort. Honoring that contract is part of a strong work ethic. You show up when you’re supposed to, do your work, and go home at the end of the day.

Focused office

Being prompt, not laying out when you don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning, those traits are part of a strong work ethic as well.

Being upbeat, communication, a positive attitude and honesty, are all factors in a positive work experience, and a strong work ethic. Employers and employees strive to achieve the goal of teamwork and camaraderie in the work place. These are also traits of a strong work ethic.

A 40-hour work week is too long to be mired in a poor attitude.

Even-tempered people with a good sense of humor brings levity to what can be a serious work day. They call it work for a reason, but there is nothing wrong with a spice of play thrown in with a good joke, or story about what’s going on outside the work place while you are doing your job.

Remember, the ultimate goal in your job is to be a productive, contributing member of the overall team. Part of your contract with your employer is to do this with a good attitude, working together with your co-workers and not disrupting the day with a poor attitude.

Dissention breeds contempt, and a bad attitude slows the workday clock to a crawl. Bad attitudes often, in the long run, means turnover with the company, which effects productivity as valuable workday time is lost training new employees. A healthy workplace breeds longevity. The longer you are employed with a company, the greater your rewards, which come in higher pay and increased benefits such as vacation and retirement plans.

Having experienced workers is like your body after exercising. The more you exercise, the better shape you are in. The better shape you are in the more you can focus on the larger goal… working smart.

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