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Brandon Hendrix

A great staffing agency that helped me finding a job the very day I walked in the door…
Everyone I have spoken to is beyond friendly and helpful and I cannot recommend them enough if you are looking for a new job…

Luke Norwood

I was offered a job within two weeks of my first day of working with APS! I highly recommend them and their services!

Derrick Clark

APS really helped with my job search. I have started a new career and love it!

Lisa Walker

I walked into this agency with my relative. It only took him about spent 45 minutes to get him registered. We had just left another agency, that took 2 hours. After leaving, my relative received a call within 30 minutes to come in the next day for a interview. He then got a job offer within 24 hours. You can tell from when you walk in the door, this agency means business. They show up everyday to work for YOU!

Desiree Bush

Great company to work for…. Very professional and always lending a helping hand.

Roscoe Epps

Professional and knowledgeable service. Goes the extra mile to develop personnel for long-term success rather than temporary employment.

Porsha Powell

I really enjoyed going through Aiken Personnel Service. Great people and very professional.

Shayna Epps

Aiken Personnel Services aids in bridging the gap for people stuck between jobs, or looking for a permanent career. Not only is this a great company to work for, the team is extremely dedicated to providing you with the skills needed to excel in your future endeavors.

Raven Dublin

It was a great environment!! The people were very friendly!!! Great customer service!!

Kelby Nero

Love the company, and they are caring folks that help anybody in need!!!


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