When work isn’t working for your workout


We all know that one coworker: the annoying fitness freak. They wake up at 4 a.m. for an early morning workout and talk nonstop about meal prepping and their love of flaxseed oil (Google it). Meanwhile, you consider it an Olympic feat if you can make it by Dunkin Donuts and still have enough time to race in and hit the time clock without spilling coffee all over yourself.


Even our best efforts at a 5 a.m. spin class look more like a horror movie than a refreshing morning routine.


Picture it: eyes half open and arms outstretched, you zombie-walk your way to the bathroom. And not the cool Walking Dead kind of zombie. More like the princess bride kind, with smeared eye makeup and bad hair.


Looking in the mirror, you confirm your second-rate status as an extra in the next big horror flick and begin brushing your teeth.


Next you proceed to blindly rifle through your clothes like a raccoon searching for food in a dumpster until you find what you need. You dress in the dark and pray that your socks match and nothing is turned inside out (not that anyone is awake to see it).


Ok, so maybe not a Rob Zombie blockbuster but not our idea of fun, either.


If you ask us, waking up for an early morning workout is an act of torture by sleep deprivation and hardly the key to good health (unless good health includes two cans of Red Bull and a half a pot of coffee).


But, there’s good news. Sacrificing sleep isn’t the only way to maintain your place in the fit fam. Here’s four tips for incorporating a workout into your week that won’t leave you feeling half dead:


  1. Walk It Out


Have 30 minutes for lunch? Think about taking a few laps in the building or around the parking lot. Rick Richey, master instructor with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, suggests walking for 30 minutes a day can improve your body composition and decrease your risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke.


  1. Take a Seat, Sit Down


Getting out and walking around isn’t always an option. Some days you don’t even have time to leave your chair. When that happens, experts recommend these seven exercises: calf muscle toning, clenches, ankle rotations, arm stretches, rotating at the waist, crunches and leg lifts.

  1. Ride or Die


Ok, it’s really not that serious. But, if you live close to work, you may have the option to turn your commute into a workout. Next time you head to work, try speed walking, jogging or cycling instead of driving.


  1. Let’s Talk About It


Are you always on the phone at work? Unless you have to be close to your desk, take the opportunity to talk and walk at the same time. But, make sure to pay attention when venturing into streets or heavy traffic. Not everyone can do two things at once!


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